Pueblo Zoo

3455 Nuckolls Ave.

Pueblo, CO 81005

To Schedule: Visit www.pueblozoo.org/schools for registration information. You may also e-mail mwalsh@pueblozoo.org or call 719-561-1452 ext. 125


April and May are extremely busy times here at the Zoo. It is especially important to register early for any day during this time, as these dates fill up quickly. Consider planning your visit during the September through March period, when the Zoo is less crowded. The Discovery Room may be used by grades 3-5. Prior reservation and teacher supervision is required.


Other Programs Available:

Amazing Arthropods

Animals in Winter

Bats Beyond Belief

Owls of Colorado

Penguin World


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Vertebrates and Their Adaptations for Survival

This is a multi-part program that is generally scheduled over a 4-week period. The first three parts are scheduled at the school and the fourth part is scheduled at the Zoo. School programs can be presented in the classroom or media center but NOT in the school cafeteria because of the live animals. Some programs involve a PowerPoint presentation, so please try to schedule us in a room that can be darkened. Also, if we are repeating the program, our docents really appreciate it if they do not have to pack everything up and move from one classroom to another.


By completion of this program, students will understand the concept of animal classification, will recognize the unique characteristics of each vertebrate class (except fish), will be able to identify different habitats, and will be able to determine what an animal eats and whether it is predator or prey by looking at a variety of morphological and behavioral adaptations. Each program uses live animals and biofacts to emphasize the unique characteristics of one or more vertebrate classes, and to examine their habitats and adaptations for survival. The programs develop students’ vocabulary and challenge their observation skills and their ability to make comparison and deductions.


Week 1: Herps (Reptiles and Amphibians)

Week 2: Birds

Week 3: Mammals

Week 4: Food Chains and a culminating Zoo tour.

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