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Talon Talk (30-90 mins)

Our most popular program! In this program, we will dive into the characteristics that define raptors and why they are important to our ecosystems. Audiences will discover the various types of birds of prey found all over the world, what it takes to care for a bird of prey, and learn how Nature’s Educators is permitted to keep raptors. 2-6 of our ambassadors will be present based on length. The audience will learn about their personal histories, anatomy, hunting strategies, and habitats.


Falcon Frenzy (60 mins)

During this presentation, audiences will learn about the “fighter jets” of the bird world: falcons. Falcons have specialized features that help them to catch other birds and to fly very quickly. Learn about the falcons of Nature’s Educators by discovering their personal stories, habitats, anatomy, diets, and importance in the ecosystem. 4 of our falcons will be attending.


Habitats and Adaptations (60 mins)

Animals have different adaptations to live in different habitats. Each animal has a job or “niche” in its habitat to help keep the ecosystem going. In this program, we will learn about various adaptations animals have to survive in their environments. A raptor, snake, lizard, amphibian, invert, and 1 other ambassador will visit to help demonstrate amazing adaptations for survival in various habitats!

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