Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo

5200 Nature Center Rd.

Pueblo, CO 81003

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Tues-Fri only

Nature Discovery Walk

Offered March-November

Let us guide your class on an experiential discovery walk along the Arkansas River at NRCP. Stops and props along the trail will be used to illustrate the various adaptations of plants and animals in the riparian life zone.


Arkansas River Life

Explore the basic ecology of river life and its interrelationships, from the plant sunlight energy trappers to the animals that will eat them! Students will get hands on experience with water and river rock to view live specimens and to construct a food web.


Bird Banding

See resident and migratory birds up close as they are caught in mist nets and banded for research purposes. Bring your class and see how the birds are measured, weighed, examined and fitted with a light weight band with a unique number on it. The birds are then released unharmed, back into the wild. Join CSU-Pueblo staff as they share their skills and knowledge of the world of birds.


Full Day Field Program: Where the Prairie and River Meet

Offered March-November

We’ve put together a whole day of activities studying the ecology of short grass prairie and riparian ecosystems. Students will learn about plant and animal adaptations, predator/prey relationships, food webs, water cycle and precipitation, geology and more! We start in the prairie, wander to the river and finish at the Raptor Center for a bird of prey presentation.

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Tues-Fri only

Bring the Wild Into Your Classroom!

Learn about hawks, owls, eagles, falcons and vultures through a live bird of prey program. Our programs are science based and correlated to Colorado’s Model Content Standards for science and are designed to support your school’s STEM education goals. Choose between Birds of Prey, Owls of Colorado, or Bird of Prey Pellet Dissection Lab!


Birds of Prey

Learn about hawks, owls, eagles, falcons and vultures through a live bird of prey program. The naturalist will discuss bird of prey adaptations, predator/prey relationships, specific characteristics, natural history, personal stories of the birds presented, and our work to rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned birds of prey. The hour long presentation includes at east two different birds of prey (hawk, owl, falcon or vulture). Add an eagle to the program for an additional fee.

Owls of Colorado

The diverse habitats of our state provide homes for several species of owls. Take a tour of Colorado habitats and meet the owls that call them home. The naturalist will discuss owl adaptations and characteristics, predator/prey relationships, natural history and personal stories of the owls presented. The hour long presentation includes at least two owl species.


Bird of Prey Pellet Dissection Lab

When birds of prey eat their dinner, they ingest every part of the animal. Many parts of the animal, such as bones and fur, cannot be digested and are regurgitated by the bird in the form of a dry pellet. Pellet dissection is a fun and interesting way to investigate predators and prey. Everything for the investigation is provided (pellets and equipment).

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