City of Arvada: Majestic View Nature Center

7030 Garrison St.

Arvada, CO 80004

To Schedule: Call 720-898-7405


Max 75 students


Discover the short-grass prairie and its animals. Students learn about how different species survive in the prairies, and get to know the bison and prairie dog.


Mammals Study

Touch pelts and skulls of many Colorado mammals. Which ones are herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores? Who are the predators? Students use their observations to identify mystery mammals.


Wetland Walk

Mallards, turtles, and frogs, oh my! Walk to Oberon Lake to determine what defines a wetland, and explore wetland animal and plant adaptations.


Exhibit Round Robin

Take a hands-on look at our interactive exhibits. Students learn about food chains, Colorado carnivores, wetland and prairie ecosystems, and conservation.



Who is responsible for all this water pollution? Students investigate the causes-and-effects of runoff pollution with an interactive model, then brainstorm creative solutions to prevent pollution in their own.

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Staff will work with you to customize an in class experience that fits your needs on any of the following topics:


Life Cycles


Prairies Wetlands/Water Quality



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