Lory State Park

708 Lodgepole Dr.
Bellvue, CO 80512

(970) 493-1623


Environmental Education Programs include guided hikes, wild animals and their adaptations and habitats, geology, botany, basic orienteering, Colorado history, and fire ecology.

A program example: Fourth grade students arrive at Lory State Park. Once unloaded,  students will split into four groups and gather at one of the four stations.

  • Station one: students learn about the wildlife that inhabits Lory State Park. They will touch real animal pelts and get to look at skulls (likely replicas) and footprints of each 
    animal. They will also learn about animal diets and what characteristics are similar/different between various animals. They will explore how these characteristics help animals survive their surroundings.

  • Station two: Students learn about animal camouflage and go on a short walk to see if they can locate hidden objects along the trail.

  • Station three:  Students take a step back in time and explore the parks geology. They will go through the chapters the landscape around them went through to become the park that they are visiting today.

  • Station four: Students embark on  a mile and a half long hike on the Well Gulch Nature Trail. On the hike, students will view various plants and animal habitats up close and learn about connections between living and nonliving parts of the environment.

Students will rotate in their groups through all four stations, with a break for lunch if needed.

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Above: Photo elicitation by Milliken Elementary student, Avery

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