Jefferson County Open Space: 

Lookout Mountain Nature Center

910 Colorow Rd.

Golden, CO 80401

To Schedule: Click here to view available dates and sign up. For questions, call 720-497-7600 or e-mail


min 25 participants, max 120 (groups of 35 of more will be split into smaller groups)

ESI: Ecosystem Investigations

Become an EcoSystem Investigator and explore the foothills habitat. Study solar energy, examine skulls, inspect plants up close, and dig in the dirt to discover the role the sun, producers, consumers, and decomposers play in the ecosystem.

During this program, participants will investigate interactions between living and non-living things in the ponderosa pine ecosystem. They will find out how the sun functions as the main source of energy and the specific adaptations that allow organisms to meet their needs within the ecosystem. They will also become stewards of the environment by learning ways that humans can positively impact an ecosystem.

Note: This program is offered March-May and runs from 10am-12:15pm.

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