Colorado Parks and Wildlife In-Class Programs

The Education Team at Colorado Parks and Wildlife can bring our programs to your classroom at no charge. Our programs provide students with unique and fun experiences customized to support your science and social studies curriculum.

NOTE: Due to the expected changes to the Colorado Academic Standards to be implemented by the 2020-2021 school year, SOLE is updating our program offerings to better support out schools' curriculum. Programs marked with a * below that will no longer align to grade level expectations for 4th grade will be retired after the 2019-2020 school year.

Contact the Schools Programs Coordinator ( to schedule.

Program Options: All programs run 60 minutes, but may be shortened if needed.

Animal Adaptations

Students are introduced to animal adaptations and their role in survival, even in the harshest conditions. Through hands-on activities, students explore the diversity of ways all animals - even humans! - are adapted to survive in their habitat. (Live snake presentation included, depending on availability.)

Cookie Mining

Students learn how we rely on mining for everyday products we all enjoy, and through their own mining plot (a cookie!), to find out how mining affected the land and he challenge of restoring it, highlighting the importance of using our resources wisely. 

Colorado Ecoystems *

Students explore Colorado's varied ecosystems and discover how these unique environments are defined by their biotic and abiotics components, then they guild an ecosystem of their very own. (Live bullsnake, a representative of one of Colorado's ecosystems, included, depending on availability.)

Endangered Species *

Discover the interdependence of wildlife species and the ripple effect on the environment when the balance of an ecosystem is altered. Students will learn about and help think through solutions to help these species recover. 

Fur Trapping and Hunting

Students learn the historical significance of using resources for survival, and the importance of conserving and managing our wildlife resources today.


Some of animals' most incredible adaptations are their senses. Students will explore the ways in which animals gain information about the world, and how those senses compare with our own!

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