History Happened Series

The "History Happened" series explores the human history of Colorado, before and after it became a state. Students will focus on the changes in the natural landscape, and for human communities living here, caused by European settlement and westward expansion starting around 500 years ago. The series will consist of both pre-recorded videos and live, interactive virtual programs. Each installment will examine history through the lens of a specific natural resource or wildlife species.

Episode 1: Scope of History

In this intro episode, we'll picture the scope of human history and how recently we humans arrived here in Colorado. We'll see why European settlement was such a turning point, and why the changes to our landscape and wildlife from that point forward will be the focus of the series.

Episode 2: Bison

This episode explores Colorado's history through the story of the bison, North America's largest land mammal. These animals were hunted nearly to extinction during the period of westward expansion in the United States, but today they survive as an amazing conservation success story.

Episode 3: Migratory Birds

This episode explores the management of migratory birds, some of which were almost overhunted to extinction for their ornamental feathers.  Today, legislation exists to protect migratory birds not only in the United States, but along their migratory routes as well.