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3 Day Overnight Trip

Due to the in-depth nature of this experience, SOLE can subsidize a portion of these fees. This amount can be discussed with SOLE coordinator before scheduling this experience.



Involves an understanding of the geological forces that shape our Earth and their impact on our lives. It is also an opportunity to learn to prospect for rewards such as the wonder and beauty of Earth.


Shows that we can learn simplicity, conservation and independence from the attitudes and life-styles of our recent past. Use a Mormon handcart to recreate the pioneer journey West to the original 1880’s Quick Homestead for a hands-on tour of history.



We explore the physical properties of energy in nature, using simple machines and problem solving to create concrete examples of energy transfers. Students will construct a Rube Goldberg machine and experiment with pendulums, searching for evidence of different types of energy in nature. 



Acquaints us with the plants, animals and insects of the forest community. An emphasis is placed on proper use of renewable natural resources and the human need for wilderness.



Uses the excitement of discovery to pursue zoological and botanical explorations and a long-term understanding of land use. It also deals with map-making and orienteering by solving a mystery at the compass course.


Tells the story of early explorers of the West and their relationships to nature and the people they found. Build shelters, bridges and fire to survive like the beaver pelt hunters of the 1800’s.



Seeks to encourage creativity and use of the senses through self-expression in a variety of mediums. See shape, texture and color in nature!



Emphasizes communication skills and self-expression. The natural world is used to inspire language, arts, and drama.



You are lost in the wilderness. It’s getting dark. But you’re not afraid. Why? Because you have the Ten Essentials in your backpack and you are going to pull out your topo map and compass to find your way home. These are just some of the great skills you’ll learn in this informative discovery group.



Recognizes the importance of agriculture and how humans interact with the land. The 100 year old Witcher Ranch offers roping, branding, cattle, horses, ranchers, and an authentic study of a working cattle ranch.


Time Machine/Fossils

Understand the big picture of Earth history by taking a trip through time to learn about the events that have shaped our planet from its beginning. Split layers of shale to discover 35 million year old fossils.


Ute Indians 

Allows students the opportunity to try skills used by the Utes to subsist in our Montane Life Zone. Archery, cordage-making, games and other activities teach the Ute attitudes of respect and joy needed to live in harmony with the natural world.



Explores the many facets of teamwork and how to develop it. Through the use of games and other challenge activities find out what it takes to build a team and keep it going. Discover personal leadership skills and work together to accomplish a goal.

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Staff will work with you to customize an in class experience. Some of our Discovery Groups are equipped to go on the road, and bring the outdoor education to you or your school. The Trapper Road Show and Solar and Wind Innovation Station are our most popular requests.

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