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Maximum of 100 students

Guidestone’s Farmhands Youth Education curricula focuses on the art and skill of growing and raising food through the lens of both cultural history and current farming and ranching practices. All of our programs are grounded in hands-on learning opportunities and cultivate exploration, inquiry, direct experience and fun! Our teaching locations include both farm/garden sites and the Hutchinson Homestead & Learning Center, a 150-yr old historic homestead. A variety of science and social studies topics can be addressed based on teachers' needs and curriculum focus, and incorporate interdisciplinary education activities


About The Hutchinson Homestead & Learning Center
The Hutchinson Homestead & Learning Center is a dynamic heritage site dating back to the 1860’s where today, history and preservation bring the story of the land and community to life through interpretive education programs, celebrations and events. Guidestone Colorado operates and manages this learning center with the vision of bridging our past to the future of agriculture in the Upper Arkansas River Valley.that support state academic standards.

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Guidestone provides in-class programs in conjunction with a field trip experience to one of our garden/ farm sites or the Hutchinson Homestead & Learning Center. Topics include interdisciplinary education activities that support state academic standards. Contact for more information.

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