Greater Arkansas River Nature Association (GARNA)

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Youth Ecological Literacy

From animal tracking methods to wildflower identification hikes, geology tours to exploring ancient game trails, GARNA sponsors seminars, presentations, field trips and study program that celebrate the rich natural and deep cultural and historical resources of the greater Arkansas River area.


GARNA's Youth Ecological Literacy Program (YELP) hosts field trips that engage students on a public land site where students will meet a varied group of community experts on topics such as terrestrial and aquatic biology, geology, cartography, and natural history. Students visit stations on these topics and participate in experiential activities outlined in the YELP curriculum. Spring field trips involve a one-day outing for each grade to a public land site where students participate in a service project.


The field trips are coordinated with the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and Colorado Parks and Wildlife, as well as non-profit organizations such as Trout Unlimited and Southwest Conservation Corps. Collaboration for both trips involves teachers input and with lessons tailored to grade level, and integrates pre and post trip classroom activities such as writing exercises and incorporating math into data analysis.

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Staff will work with you to customize an in class experience that fits your needs.

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