Garden of the Gods

1805 N 30th St.

Colorado Springs, CO 80904

To Schedule: Call 719-219-0108 or e-mail


Group size: 20-60 students

​Join us for a fun, educational field trip in the majestic Garden of the Gods Park!

  • All field trip programs align with Colorado State Academic Standards for Physical, Earth and Life Sciences as well as National STEM Standards for Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Earth's Systems, and Earth and Human Activity.

  • Field trips run Tuesday thru Thursday with the first session beginning at 9:30am, the second at 12:00pm daily.

  • Programs run from March 5, 2019 thru May 9, 2019.

  • We follow Colorado Springs School District 11 schedule for Holiday and Spring Break closures. There are no programs offered in January and February.

Geology of the Park

Experience the unique geological majesty of the Garden of the Gods! Your field trip will cover rock types, fossils, geological processes, rock layers and formations experienced in the Park. The program begins inside the newly renovated Visitor and Nature Center with hands-on activities in our geology gallery. Grades 4-6 have the option to enjoy a 15-minute film How Did Those Red Rocks Get There? instead of the hands-on elements. Students are then led on a 45-minute walking adventure in our Central Garden to experience the power and wonder of geology firsthand.


Meet the Park

Learn how our Garden is a crossroads of plants and animals from six different ecosystems. Students will explore the interdependence of the Park’s animal and plant life. Field trips begin inside the Visitor and Nature Center with hands-on activities including our new Flora and Fauna gallery, games, and interactive touch tables. The program then moves outdoors for a 45-minute guided walking expedition through our Central Garden where the kids can experience the natural wonder of the Park firsthand.


Explore the Park

Entirely outdoors

Students explore the Central Garden for a full hour! This is a less structured, more in-depth outdoor experience covering the geology, ecology, and history of the Park at the appropriate grade level. Field trips begin in the North Main Parking Lot at the trailhead for the Perkins Central Garden Trail. This adventure will take your students to parts of the Park not seen on our other field trips. There is no indoor portion for this trip. Your entire visit is spent in the Park!

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