Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

15807 Teller County Road 1

Florissant, CO 80816

To Schedule: Call 719-748-3253



The following is a list of possible activities on your field trip. The activities that your class will participate in depends upon your needs, the staffing levels at the Monument, the number of students you have, and the time you have for your field trip.

Orientation Activity 

Either a game or ranger talk to introduce students to the basic geologic story of the area. (30 minutes)


Petrified Forest Hike 

This is a 1.5 hour, 1 mile hike past petrified tree stumps, an historic excavation


Hornbek Homestead 

Tour an 1878 historic homestead.


Visitor Center

See fossil displays and geologic exhibits.


Florissant Fossil Quarry 

Some groups that visit the Monument also opt to go to a nearby, privately owned quarry where students can dig for fossils.



Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument provides an excellent outdoor classroom for your students. Students can see real world examples that will enhance the instruction of earth sciences.


There are a variety of lesson plans that you can use for pre and post visit activities. While at the Monument, your group can view fossils and learn about the geology of the area in the visitor center, the outdoor exhibit area, and on the one-mile, Petrified Forest Loop.


Self-guided trails have exhibits throughout that teachers and students can explore to learn more about the Monument. 

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