SOLE Field Trip Options

After reviewing your options, please choose ONE site to visit from each category. You may choose sites outside of your geographic area.

Use of district transportation is required when possible. However, please list the field trip(s), if any, that cannot be accommodated by district buses that you would like to request charter buses for. Requests must be listed here to allow us time to check on budget and availability with bus companies.

This plan MUST be submitted to and approved by our School Programs Coordinator ( before reservations can be made with partners. Please notify us when you have scheduled your field trips.

From sweeping forests to golden prairies, Colorado’s state parks are as diverse as the state itself! Schools may also explore aquatic life at one of CPW's fish hatcheries.

Wherever you roam, our partners are waiting to welcome you. Connect with local outdoor organizations and explore an array of different programs!

History Colorado has several museums around the state that explore historical and cultural connections to the land.