Environmental Learning for Kids

Programming in Denver, Adams, and Arapahoe Counties

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45-60 minutes

ELK offers a selection of science and natural resource programs to grades K-12. All programs are correlated to CO Academic Standards and model effective teaching practices.

Skin and Skulls

Students learn about animal adaptations, habitats and other ecologically important animal characteristics through exploration of Colorado wildlife (primarily mammals). Students have the unique opportunity to touch and handle various animal skins and skulls. Students also are introduced to different academic and career paths related to wildlife biology and management.

Inside an Owl Pellet

Students learn all about the barn owl’s adaptations and food webs. Students participate in an interactive discussion to explore different adaptations that help the barn owl be an excellent nocturnal predator. Students work in pairs to dissect real barn owl pellets, and use tools to remove, sort and identify the skulls/bones inside of the pellet.

Our Colorado Water 

Water is essential to life on Earth! Through hands-on demonstrations, students will observe how much water is actually available for human usages (less than 1%) and learn about multiple water usages. Students will explore the importance of keeping Colorado's water clean and healthy by performing water quality tests.

Discovering Macro Invertebrates

Look closely at the mud of a lake and you will find lots of different living creatures- macro invertebrates! These “bugs” are an important part to the ecosystem and tell us a great deal about water quality. Students learn all about these important bugs and get up close to some of the most common macro invertebrates in our Colorado lakes.. ** This program works best when the school/site is located near a lake/pond.

Just Keep Swimming

Meet a few of Colorado’s Game Fish as we explore their habitats and biology. Students learn about native and nonnative fish species, aquatic ecology, fish anatomy and adaptations. Then we hit the field or gym for casting games with actual fishing rods. **This program can also be taught at a lake and students can experience real fishing. Please contact ELK to select the most convenient location for you.

Who Polluted The South Platte River?

This interactive program teaches students about water and how to value it as a finite resource. Students participate in role playing, as different water users, to find out “Who polluted the South Platte”. Topics covered include: pollution, conservation, aquatic ecology watersheds and how we get our water in Colorado.

Schoolyard Habitat

Do any animals live around your school or site? Students discover that wildlife is everywhere and that we share a habitat with many wild animals.  Students explore the outdoor habitat, implement important observation skills and use scientific instructions. Through this field-based program, students will gain an appreciation and awareness of their schoolyard habitat.

Ready, Aim, Bullseye!

That’s right, Archery! ELK brings our portable archery range and equipment to your school so your students can experience the thrill of accurately shooting a bow and arrow. This program can be held indoors or outdoors.

GPS- Let’s Track!

North, East, South and West… Students use real GPS’s to learn cardinal directions, orienteering skills, and how to navigate to different locations throughout their school. Students participate in a treasure hunt and learn the importance of navigation technologies and techniques.

All about Rocks and Minerals

Rocks, gems and minerals, oh my! Students discover the world of rocks as they examine, identify and classify a collection of different types of rocks and minerals. Students discover the rock cycle through modeling the process with crayons.

We are able to tailor and customize our programs to meet your school/organization’s programming needs! Please contact us for more information on Standards alignment and pricing. 

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