Denver Botanic Gardens

York Street Gardens

1007 York St.

Denver, CO 80206

Chatfield Farms

8500 W Deer Creek Canyon Rd.

Littleton, CO 80138

Plains Conservation Center

2190 E Hampden Ave.

Aurora, CO 80018

To Schedule: Email, call 720-865-3656, or request online


Max. students and program timing/availability varies. See descriptions below.


School Group Farm Tour

60 minute tours offered at 10am, 11:15am, and 12:30pm M-Th from August-November and March-May

Explore Chatfield Farms with an interactive site tour. Visit Deer Creek and the farm animals, see where food is grown and take a tour through the historical Hildebrand Ranch house and summer kitchen. After the guided tour, students can complete a self-guided scavenger hunt and bird walk. (Outdoors, except during inclement weather. Max. 90 students per day.)

The Ecosystems of Chatfield

Offered 10am-12pm M-Th from August-November and March-May

Discover Chatfield Farm's diverse ecosystems while learning about habitats, animal adaptations and connections between the living and nonliving components of an ecosystem. During this program, students will visit interactive stations while learning about wetlands, the riparian ecosystem and the farm. After the guided portion, students can complete a self-guided scavenger hunt and visit the farm area. (Outdoors, except during inclement weather.)



Name that Tree Tour

Offered 10-11am, 11:15am-12:15pm, and 12:30-1:30pm, select M-Th during the school year

Broaden your student’s knowledge of trees while encouraging beginning plant identification skills. Students will complete a guided exploration of common Colorado trees to learn fun facts and identifying features of each tree. (Max. 30 students per tour)

Ecosystems of Colorado 

Offered 10-11:15am and 11:30am-12:45pm on Wednesdays from September-October and April-May

Explore our ecosystem gardens to discover what plants and animals are characteristic of Colorado’s diverse ecosystems. Students will make observations about each ecosystem and its inhabitants, while also exploring simple ecological concepts. (Outdoors, except during inclement weather; Max. 60 students)

Journey to the Rainforest 

Offered 10-11:45am and 12-1:45pm on Mondays and Tuesdays from November-March

Take a break from the cold and visit our living and growing indoor rainforest. Through a guided exploration of the rainforest ecosystem and hands-on activities, students will learn about various rainforest plants, their adaptations, how rainforest plants are used in their daily lives and ways that the rainforest is different from Colorado. (Max. 60 students)

Nature and Art Tour

Offered 10-11am, 11:15am-12:15pm, and 12:30-1:30pm on select Mondays and Thursdays during the school year

Did you know that the Gardens is a living museum that celebrates art in addition to plants? Come discover the Gardens through the eyes of an artist. Learn art concepts and vocabulary while exploring the sculptures and artwork on display. (Max. 30 students per tour)

Discovery Days at York Street

Offered 10am-noon on select dates. Current dates and details can be found online.

Water Wonders Discovery: Experience the water cycle through plants at Denver Botanic Gardens. Students will explore how water shapes our world through hands-on activity stations.


Life on the High Plains Field Trip

Offered 10am-1:30pm (including lunch break) year round on select dates

Discover the prairie on a wagon ride (weather permitting) and/or discover what life was like for the Cheyenne Indians and the homesteaders on the high plains in the 1800s. Explore how the Cheyenne adopted a lifestyle of semi-nomadic hunter/gatherers to thrive on the prairie. Learn about roles within the homesteading communities of 1887 and how they supported each other. Learn about the flora and fauna of the prairie while engaging in real field-science which may include bird surveys, prairie dog ethograms and water quality testing.


When registering, please indicate which of the following program areas you would like to reserve: Prairie Ecology, Sod Homestead, and/or Cheynne Camp (maximum of two topics):

  • Option 1: Sod Homestead/Cheyenne Camp Combo

    • Class size: Maximum 90 students

  • Option 2: Sod Homestead/Prairie Ecology Combo

    • Class size​​Maximum 90 students

  • Option 3: Cheyenne Camp/Prairie Ecology Combo

    • Class size: Maximum 90 students

  • Option 4: Prairie Ecology

    • Class size: Maximum 60 students

  • Option 5: Cheyenne Camp

    • Class size: Maximum 60 students

  • Option 6: Sod Homestead

    • Class size: Maximum 60 students​​​​​​​​

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Ecological Explorations (60 minutes)

Plants and animals work together in many ways in ecosystems all over the world. Students will discover what lives in an ecosystem and how the plants and animals in the ecosystem interact with one another. A Spanish-speaking bilingual instructor may be available upon request. (30 students per hour session)

Flower Power (60 minutes)

Flowers are beautiful, but their real important purpose is for reproduction in the plant. Students will investigate flowers and learn how they help in the important process of pollination and seed formation. A Spanish-speaking bilingual instructor may be available upon request. (30 students per hour session)

Planting Project

Provide an opportunity for your students to get dirt under the fingernails while planting their very own plant to care for. Each small group of 20-30 students will spend approximately 15 minutes each exploring a diverse selection of plants with their five senses and potting a plant to take home.

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