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45 students max

We can create a program from scratch that meets the needs of your students and your educational goals, or you can choose from one of our standardized programs below. Programs are generally around 90 minutes long.

Macroinvertebrate Mania

In this lesson students will be exposed to the wonderful world of macroinvertebrates! They will collect macroinvertebrates from the Poudre River, then observe the similarities and differences between the species that they catch. Without any sort of ID guide, the students will be asked to classify the macros based on the characteristics they observe. Students will be asked to write descriptions of each category they create and create a guide that someone could use to place organisms into these categories.

Targets: 4th Grade Science Standard 2.1.b. – Use evidence to develop a scientific explanation for similarities and/or differences among different organisms.

*Note – we are currently working on a second, 4th grade lesson plan. Please stay tuned.

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