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State Park Field TripS

A Teacher's Guide to







Choose a State Park

I know which state park I want to take my students to!

I need some help finding state parks near me 

Check out this State Park Map resource for more information 

Call State Park

Some questions to ask are:

  • Does your park offer any programs for schools?

  • Is there a space you can suggest or reserve for us to use?

  • What is the cost per bus? For chaperones driving separately? Do you offer any discounts for schools?

  • Do you partner with any organizations that offer programs at your park?





Get Students Ready To Be Outside

Get your students involved in the planning!

  • What is the weather going to be like?

  • What should students bring? 

  • Sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, closed toe shoes, a rain jacket, a full water bottle, snacks, lunch, an extra layer for warmth, etc.

Prepare Materials to Facilitate Field Trip

I have my own material

I want to use SOLE's Agents of Discovery Field Trip Mission

I need resources for other field trip lesson ideas

While connected to Wi-Fi, download the app "Agents of Discovery" onto your phone and create an account.


Type "Field Trip" in the search bar, "Field Trip Mission for CO Schools" should appear. Click the icon with the cloud and arrow to download the mission to be able to play offline.

Familiarize yourself with the mission in the app. Read through the safety information ahead of time, and practice zooming out to find challenges. 

Email dnr_cpwsole@state.co.us with any questions




Basic Needs

  • Introduce state park 

  • Explain schedule for the day

  • Where to fill up water

  • Where the bathrooms are

No matter which program or lesson you decide to use during your field trip, encourage your students to use this time outdoors to build their observational skills...


  • What do they see, hear, feel?

  • What do they notice? What do they wonder?

Build in some open time to explore, play, and connect to the state park. This connection will foster curiosity that your students will take back with them to the classroom.


Build in some time for your students to reflect on their time through:

  • Researching topics that came up

  • Creating art of what they saw

  • Journaling stories and takeaways