City of Aurora Open Space & Natural Resources

Morrison Nature Center at Star K Ranch

16002 E Smith Rd.

Aurora, CO 80011

Senac Creek Nature Center

at Aurora Reservoir

5800 S. Powhaton Rd.

Aurora, CO 80016

To Schedule: Call 303-326-8429 or e-mail
In-class and field trip programs are the same. All programs can be adapted to any grade.


Morrison Nature Center at Star K Ranch

Consult our library of field guides, reference books, and natural history favorites; enjoy the birding at our songbird feeding stations, or peruse our seasonally changing exhibits on local plants and animal life. Costumes, blocks, puppets, kids’ books, and live animal exhibits make Morrison Nature Center for kids, too.


Senac Creek Nature Center at Aurora Reservoir 

The Senac Creek Nature Center at Aurora Reservoir features a stunning photography display, and encourages educational play with electronic games, hand-made puzzles and animal costumes. Learn about Aurora ecosystems, food chains and the importance of water to our natural and human communities through interactive, rotating exhibits.

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Aurora Wildlife, Life Cycles and Adaptations

Discover the wildlife that lives in Aurora and the adaptations they use to help them survive. Students explore animal pelts and skulls, participate in food chain and life cycle activities, and enjoy naturalist-guided discovery time on the trail.


Insects and Other Arthropods

Though small, insects and their cousins are some of the most important creatures in Aurora. Students learn about the different kinds of arthropods, then head outside to catch them and explore.


Aurora Habitats and Ecosystems

Aurora is home to five diverse ecosystems, and many more types of habitats. Students take a “tour” of Aurora ecosystems and habitats, learn about wildlife and plant life in each, and who the key “players” are and why they are important.


Aurora Water and Water Quality

Using water quality test, aquatic invertebrate exploration and other interactive activities, students learn where our water comes from, who relies on it and our role in keeping it clean and conserving it for future generations.


Aurora Plants

Without plants, nothing in Aurora would survive, yet they have some of the toughest lives in nature. Students learn the parts of a plant, adaptations for plant survival and build a plant necklace that actually grows!


Ancient Aurora

Aurora’s ancient past is as diverse and interesting as its present. Students study the rock cycle, build a timeline of Earth’s history according to the fossil record, and journey through Aurora’s ancient ecosystems to discover our earliest residents.


Wildlife Awareness and Safety

Is it possible to coexist with wildlife? We believe it is, and that coexistence is important for humans and wildlife. Students learn about the animals that live in the city, why they are here, and how we can safely coexist with them.

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