Cheyenne Mountain State Park

410 JL Ranch Heights Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80926

(719) 576-2016

Field Trips at Cheyenne Mountain

The park is an excellent outdoor classroom. Park naturalists enjoy presenting programs or leading groups along the trails, exploring and sharing the wonders of nature.

NSI-Nature Scene Investigation 
Students locate and study wildlife clues (skulls,bones,tracks,scat, feathers, claws, chewed materials) to learn about an animal’s behavior, food and habitat preferences as well as how it interacts with other species.


Using large CPW posters, students make observations and record data about ecosystems to determine why plant and animal species live in certain types of habitat.

We also offer many other educational and interpretive programs including: mystery hikes, guided wildflower and bird watching hikes, geocaching, wildlife interpretive programs, and more!

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