Chatfield State Park

11500 Roxborough Park Rd

Littleton, CO 80125

(303) 791-7275 ext. 4595


Custom Field Trips:
A multitude of wildlife related and aquatic related programming are offered at Chatfield State Park. From habitat and ecosystem exploration to flood history and management, we can customize a program tailored to fit your needs. Programs offered at Chatfield include the following topics:




Leave No Trace


Skins and Skulls


Chatfield History at Slocum Cabin
Take a tour inside one of the oldest standing structures in Colorado, Slocum Cabin and get a glimpse of what life was like in the past. Journey back in time to see what life was like here on the front range in the late 1800s.

Fishing Clinic
Students work with staff and volunteers who have been trained by the Angler Education program  to learn about the interdependent nature of aquatic ecosystems. Students rotate through hands-on stations that can include education posters that touch on fish species classifications and identification, aquatic ecosystems, and angler ethics; knot tying; putting bait on a fishing hook;  and proper casting techniques. Then, students put this knowledge into action while they fish at a body of water.

*Please note that Chatfield State Park is currently under major construction. As a result of the construction there are a couple of restrictions: many areas on the east side of the parks are closed to the public and groups are limited to 30 people max (this included teachers and students). 

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