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NOTE: Due to extensive operating costs and set-up time that is required of CaveSim, SOLE will subsidize the cost of an in-class program, but is not able to pay in full.


Mobile Cave Programs


Students put on helmets and explore 60' of cave passage with the goal of avoiding the artificial cave formations (stalactites, stalagmites, etc.) while they crawl and climb through the cave. The formations are all electronically sensed and connected to a computer, which gives students feedback (and a score) based on how carefully they explore. While exploring, students learn about cave biota (critters), Native American artifacts, and cave science (speleology) by encountering artificial critters, artifacts, and cave formations with interactive electronic lessons.

The cave has room for a few students at a time, but students are never bored or idle while they wait to explore. Students outside the cave learn many different STEM subjects via hands on lessons and demos. Topics include:

  • Earth Science (Landforms: sinkhole-making activity)

  • Physical Science (States of energy: activity with cave rescue phones demonstrating sound, electrical, and magnetic energy)

  • Life Science (Living/Non-living interaction: students culture slime mold in Petri dishes

Other activity examples include: carbide lamp demonstrations (chemistry), hands-on geology lab, high-energy educational bat games (biology), cave rescue activity (teamwork), squeezebox (measurment science), hands-on cave rescue telephones (electronics), and much more.

Our programs are aligned with state standards, and our curriculum is developed by the licensed teacher on our staff. Most of the schools that try our programs are so enthusiastic about our programs that they have us come back for subsequent programs.

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