Castlewood Canyon State Park

2989 State Highway 83 
Franktown, CO 80116

(303) 688-5242

Field Trips at Castlewood Canyon

Home Sweet Habitat

Who calls Castlewood Canyon home? Students will explore the different types of wildlife habitat found in the park. They will also learn the basic components of habitat as they “bid” for habitat real estate plots for specific animals.

Become a rock detective and search for the three types of rocks and most common minerals at Castlewood. Uncover clues that tell us how the canyon formed. Examine the geologic forces that are still at work shaping the canyon today.

Cherokee Trail
Join a wagon train traversing the Cherokee Trail in hopes of staking your own homestead claim on the western frontier. Discover the daily calamities that befell pioneers as you struggle to beat the odds. We will also explore local history first-hand as we hike to the ruins of the dam along the shores of what was once the Castlewood Reservoir.

Webs of Life
Discover the four different ecyosystems of Castlewood. We will exercise our powers of observation while we examine the building blocks of each of the ecosystems and learn how they are interdependent.

Skins and Skulls
Meet the wild animals of Castlewood Canyon, up-close and personal! Discover how they are each uniquely adapted to fulfill their job (or niche) in the ecosystem.

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