Digging for Fossils in Grand Junction

Who says that you need to travel the world to find ancient artifacts and fossils, when dinosaur bones and evidence of other prehistoric animals have been found all across Colorado! Last week the SOLE team traveled across the Rockies to Grand Junction where we hosted Family Nature Nights for Pomona Elementary and Orchard Avenue Elementary. A very special partner, Museums of Western Colorado (MWC) attended to show off some prehistoric artifacts! Did you know that in Grand Junction three dinosaurs species commonly ruled the land! The Camarasaurus, Allosaurus and Camptosaurus dinosaurs freely roamed around Western Colorado over 140 million years ago! Our families and kids got to be real paleo

A Caving Adventure!

Have you ever dreamed of putting on a helmet and venturing into a cave? Well with CaveSim you can live that dream, without the dangers or travel of real cave exploration. CaveSim is an electronic crawl-through cave simulator based in an easily movable trailer. Both kids and adults alike can experience the thrill of caving from their own backyard! Last week CaveSim came out to the Ridgway Elementary Family Nature Night to highlight the joy of caving! Before gearing up to explore the cave simulator, kids are tested on what they may encounter during the adventure. CaveSim staff explore the dangers of caves and what to avoid in order to be safe. Above, and below you can see photos of a CaveS

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