Bird Conservancy of the Rockies

Barr Lake State Park

13401 Picadilly Rd.

Brighton, CO 80603

Environmental Learning Center

14500 Lark Bunting Lane

Brighton, CO 80603

To Schedule: Call 303-659-4348 ext. 10 or e-mail


2-3 hour programs

Bird Structure & Function

Discover avian adaptations that help them survive in their unique habitats while exploring the natural world! This field trip will take place outside; weather dependent. Morning sessions are encouraged to increase chance of seeing wildlife. Offered November through May.

Bird Exploration Walk

Become an ornithologist for a day and discover many amazing species at Barr Lake, a birding hotspot. Students will learn to use scientific tools such as binoculars and magnifying glasses to explore the outdoors and create a connection to the natural world. Dates: Late October through May.

Barr Lake Banding Station

Spend a morning with a bird bander at Barr Lake where thousands of birds stop during migration. Students get an “up-close and personal” experience with nature by watching a biologist place a band on migrating birds captured harmlessly in nets. Students will be exposed to data collection and bird adaptations, and will also enjoy a short bird walk and some migration-themed activities. Maximum of 60 students. Dates: Sept-mid Oct.

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45-60 minute sessions, 1 classroom per program

Feathers and Flight

Discover the similarities and differences of various feather and flight adaptations through interactive and creative activities. This adaptation lesson is great as a stand-alone program or a fitting follow-up program to "Barr Lake Bird Watch" or "Barr Lake Banding Station" field trips.


Beautiful Birds

Students will learn how birds’ physical features increase their ability to survive in Colorado habitats. Students design their own habitat and create a bird using clay with adaptations to survive in their habitat. This is a great stand-alone program or as a follow-up program to one of our field trips.

Migratory Mapping or Migratory Data

Students’ understanding of migratory patterns through geography or data analysis will be enhanced as students discover factors that drive bird migration. Students use real bird banding data to map migratory routes or graph data of four bird species banded at the banding stations.

1/2 Day Bird Festival at Your School

Upper elementary students become bird conservation role models to lower elementary students. Older students will be trained on festival activities and then lead the half-day festival for the lower elementary students. Each festival is designed to meet the needs of your school's curriculum and can cover multiple life science standards.

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