Become a Partner

With over 50 schools statewide, we work with partners around the state to connect students to the outdoors. SOLE encompasses a variety of environmental education topics including nature, geology, wildlife, history, and recreation.

Bird Conservancy of the Rockies offers field trips and in-class programs for 4th grade SOLE students. Here, they are educating young learners at one of our Denver area Family Nature Nights.

We have schools in all regions of the state and have several opportunities to partner:

  • Family Nature Nights- Colorado Parks and Wildlife hosts a festival-style event to provide fun, hands on activities for  students and their families. We offer wildlife trivia, archery, fish casting, pizza, and a raffle for outdoor prizes. We set up tables throughout the school for our partners and their activities.

    • Note: Family Nature Nights and all in-person programming for the 2020-21 school year is dependent on the health situation and state guidelines.  Please let us know if virtual programs is something you can offer.

  • Field trips to your site- Do you offer programming for 4th grade students?

  • In-class programs- Do you offer any in-school programming for 4th grade students?

We want to incorporate the wonderful work you are already doing. Partners sometimes only commit to one or two Family Nature Nights and others do both programming and Family Nature Nights. The level of commitment is up to you.

Partner Commitment

Partner Benefits

  • Work with CPW staff and schools to schedule and provide services (field trips, classroom visits, Family Nature Night participation, etc.).

  • Work directly with CPW to invoice for field trip and program costs in a timely manner. 

  • Connect services with other partner programs and with in-school curriculum.

  • Participate in evaluation activities.

  • Opportunities to connect with local families, particularly at Family Nature Nights.

  • Partner programming will be listed in our Program Options Guide. This guide lists SOLE program and field trip options and provides teachers with appropriate scheduling contact information.

  • SOLE will pay the invoice for your programming and for the school's transportation to your site.

  • Partner logo will be displayed on our website and at Family Nature Nights that you are attending.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact and let us know about the types of onsite, in-school, and/or virtual programs you offer.

History Colorado offers field trips and in-class programs for 4th grade SOLE students. They also attend many Denver area Family Nature Nights!

Staff from USFWS at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge offer field trips to their site and support SOLE through our Family Nature Nights.