Beaver Ponds Environmental Education Center

2234 Busch Run

Fairplay, CO 80440

To Schedule: Call 719.838.0143 or e-mail


Max 40 students.

Beaver Ponds Environmental Education Center serves as an outdoor learning campus that extends hands-on learning experiences beyond the four walls of the traditional classroom. A focus is given  to place-based and watershed learning. Programs offered for Fourth Grade classes include the following investigations: beaver habitat, stream and riparian habitat (water quality monitoring), forest and wildlife diversity, and in winter, wildlife adaptations and snow science. Please see the curriculum outline.

Additional activities and games can include the following concepts:
- Food Chains and Webs
-Adaptations and camouflage
-Water cycle and weather
- Topography: maps and compass
- Mining history and geology
- Renewable Energy: sun, wind, and water
- Nature reflection/journaling

The BPEEC campus has bathrooms and an indoor classroom area that can be used in case of inclement weather (or when needed for winter programs).

Full day programs require that students bring a bag lunch and water bottles.

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Topics Include:

-"Engineers - Beavers, a Keystone Species"

-"What's In Your Watershed?"

-"Our Water Comes From the Mountains" (Forests to Faucets)

-"Treemendous Trees"

-"Which Niche?" (Wild Colorado Life Zones)

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