Bear Creek Lake Park

15600 W Morrison Rd.

Lakewood, CO 80465

To Schedule: Call 303.697.6157 or email


Max 60 students, 1 chaperone per 10 students required

Leave No Trace

A guided hike to learn the 7 principles of Leave No Trace to make sure you are a great steward every time you are out in nature! (30 participants max, or must be able to split up group and go to two different locations)


Guided Hike

This program is a guided nature hike that can be in the day or night. Length of hike depends on age of participants. (30 participants max, or must be able to split up group and go to two different locations)

Life Cycles of the Monarch Butterfly (Ages 9+)

This program is built for large groups and will be split into two to three groups and consist of an educational hike and game!

Animal Adaptations and Habitats (Ages 8+)

This program will be split into two groups with a hands on adaptations program and a habitat walk in the Visitor Center to learn about multiple habitats!

Note: Field trips must happen at the park, and all programs need to be scheduled a month in advance.

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30 participants max

Close Encounters

Learn about what you can do if you have a close encounter with a wild animal and check out some cool animals in your neck of the woods! Skins and skulls will be shown!

Animal Adaptations

Learn about adaptations and how they help animals survive. In this program, you become the teacher and will get the opportunity to show off an animal of your very own!

Beautiful Bats

Learn about these flying creatures of night and play a fun game to test your own echolocation!

Black Bears

This program covers some interesting facts about Black Bears and includes a fun game about their eating and what to do if you ever run into a black bear on your adventures!

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