Barr Lake State Park

13401 Picadilly Rd.

Brighton, CO

(303) 659-6005


Program includes a guided nature walk that visits five hands-on stations:

Invertebrate Investigation
Explore the variety of life underwater! Through observations of the different types of macro invertebrates found in Barr Lake, students work to identify what they have discovered based on their observations. 

Bug Catchers
Students get buggy as they search for insects and get a closer look at some of their adaptations. 

Eagle Spotters
Use a high powered scope to get a closer look at eagles in their nesting areas. Students work to answer inquiry questions related to endangered species and their recovery. Human interaction and relationships with the environment are highlighted at this  station.

Webs of Life: Prairie Grassland Edition!
Students work together to compare and contrast the different ecosystems and interdependency in the grassland and riparian zones.

Nature Center Discovery
Touch and explore a couple of live critters that call the Nature Center home, as well as other wildlife and artifacts that tell the story of Barr Lake then and now!    

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