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Bird Banding: Scientists in Action

30 students max; available Apr 27-May 29; 3.5 hr program

Most children – and adults – rarely have the opportunity to visit a research station and see wildlife up close. In this unique program, students visit the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies’ bird banding station at Chatfield State Park and observe bird biologists (ornithologists) in action! They also learn about migration, nesting, conservation, and briefly explore the riparian habitat where birds live. *This program fills a year in advance*


Beaver Habitat Investigation

2-3 hours

Beavers are not only part of the ecosystem at our nature center, but they are also habitat creators!  Learn about their habitat, their architectural skills, what they eat, and the adaptations that help them live both in aquatic and terrestrial environments.  Examine their fur, skull, and habitat up close.  Explore the ways in which their lives interconnect with and affect the South Platte Basin ecosystem.  (November-March only)

Pond/River Exploration

Everything living and non-living in a pond and river is interconnected! Using nets and other scientific collection equipment, students sample the invertebrate and vertebrate wildlife found in the ponds and/or river at the Audubon Nature Center, while investigating food webs and the impacts of water quality on aquatic life. 


Ecosystem Exploration

Everything is in an ecosystem! On this place-based experiential field-trip, learn about the 8 different ecosystems of Colorado, the interdependence of the parts of an ecosystem, and learn how to keep ecosystems healthy!

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​Max 30 students per class with max of 3 programs/day; 1-1.5 hr/program. Offered any month except for May.

Night Ninjas

How are ninjas and owls similar? What superpowers do owls have that allow them to hunt so efficiently at night? How can we protect owls’ habitats? Students make predictions, examine Great Horned Owl specimens, and dissect owl pellets to discover the answers for themselves!


Birds & Conservation

Healthy watersheds are critical to birds and their habitats. Through a combination of hands-on activities, models, videos, dissections and discussions learn about water pollutants, Albatross, gyres, bolus’, how our actions can positively impact this vital Colorado resource through daily conservation practices.  3-Part Series


Birds vs. Humans—Skeletal System

Did you know birds and humans have many of the same exact bones?!  Build skeletons and play games to learn how skeletal systems protect internal organs, give animals' bodies a specific shape, and are adapted to help each animal to survive.

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