2020-2021 Award Recipients for "If I were a Colorado animal..."

We had an AMAZING turnout of artwork this year from all four regions of Colorado and covering a wide diversity of Colorado wildlife.  Voting was not easy, but Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff were able to narrow the field to include the winners below.  The SOLE team would like to thank all who participated for making this year's contest such a great success!  Check out our blog page for a complete list of winners and their art.

Northeast Region

Grand Prize: Elaura, Caliche Elementary School

Teacher: Stephanie Seidl

1st Place: Taylor, Caliche Elementary

Teacher: Stephanie Seidl

2nd Place: Izaac, Pinnacle Charter School

Teacher: Jenny Gomez

3rd Place: Izan, Thunder Valley K-8

Teacher: Jennifer Dreyer

Northwest Region

Grand Prize: Hayden, Pomona Elementary

Teacher: Tracy Berg

1st Place: Lucy D., Pomona Elementary

Teacher: Barbara Stansbury

2nd Place: Lucy B., Pomona Elementary

Teacher: Barbara Stansbury

3rd Place: Rebecca, Pomona Elementary

Teacher: Stacy Trujillo


Southeast Region

Grand Prize: Hunter, Beulah School of Natural Sciences

Teacher: Lori Lara

1st Place: Jamileth, Monterey Elementary

Teacher: Rebecca Lauffenburger

2nd Place: Abigail, Cedar Ridge Elementary

Teacher: Angela Welch

3rd Place: Brinn, Cedar Ridge Elementary

Teacher: Angela Welch

Southwest Region

Grand Prize: Emery, Ouray School

Teacher: Melissa Demuth

1st Place: Sloan, Ridgway Elementary

Teacher: Michael Cassidy

2nd Place: Emery, Ridgway Elementary

Teacher: Elizabeth Wiesler-Whitney

3rd Place: Addison, Ouray School

Teacher: Melissa Demuth

Elaura Hummingbird.JPG
Hunter Fox.jpg
Emery Fox.jpg

2020-2021 SOLE Art Contest

"If I were a Colorado animal, I'd be..."

© Wayne D. Lewis 2015

© Jerry Neal 2018

© Vic Schendel 2011

© DJ Hannigan 2018

Corral those crayons, pack those paints, and mobilize those markers. 

The SOLE 2020-2021 Art Contest is here!

Here's what you need to know:

Who Can Participate: Any 4th-5th grader at a SOLE school can submit ONE entry.

Deadline: March 29, 2021

Paper Size- 11"x17" (aka Tabloid)​ preferred, but 8.5"x11" (Letter) will be accepted.

Art Mediums- We accept it all!  Paint, pencil, markers, crayons, water color, photography, and collages are all acceptable as submissions.

Delivery:  Artwork will preferably be mailed, but high-resolution scans may be emailed.  No photographs of artwork, please.  Submission forms must be included with the artwork.  

Prizes: While the best prize is the chance of being featured in next year's calendar, regional grand prize winners will also receive an annual Colorado State Parks pass.  First, second, and third place winners from each region will also receive mystery prizes.  

Teachers: If you need any assistance making this contest accessible to your students, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Questions?  Ready to submit?  Here's where to find us!

Jessie Ermak

SOLE Art Contest Coordinator

6060 Broadway

Denver, CO  80216